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100% African Net Sponge loofah washcloths exfoliator

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This is the original African net bath sponge. Also known as Sapor in Ghana. This bath sponge is popular in West African countries. It soft yet provides gentle exfoliation. It cleanses the skin effortlessly, leaving it fresh and smooth. Its superior exfoliating properties comes from the unique structure and soft knots. Due to its long and flexible nature, it is able to clean hard to reach areas. It is porous and dries quickly. These factors in addition to its long lasting nature, makes it great value for the money.
Features & details
An excellent exfoliator that cleanses skin by removing dead skin and washing away dirt.
Will not store bacteria unlike loofahs and washcloths.
Sponge dries quickly due to its porous nature.
Long Bath sponge, African net bath sponge; net bath sponge, sapo.
Washing machine friendly.
Can be used for 2 years or more.
Safe and effective for all skin types.
Perfect with our African Black Soap.
1. Feels amazing on the back and feet.
2. Perfect for full-body cleansing and exfoliation.
3. Extra big and long design makes it easy to reach all areas of the body.
4. Removes dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin.
5. They help remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells; unclog pores, and eliminate impurities from the skin
6. Generous length, West African Sponge, and long-lasting tough net.
7. West Africa bath sponge, shower sponge, easy to dry sponge, exfoliating sponge, koin koin, Nigerian made sponge
8. This traditional African Bath Sponge is pure genius. It exfoliates, lathers and drys nicely. Once you bath with an African bathing net sponge, you will feel refreshed and clean.

Lime Green, Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, White

1 review for 100% African Net Sponge loofah washcloths exfoliator

  1. tia.carter

    If you dont use this net sponge you sleeping on life

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