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Beginner Candle Making Ebook

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Beginner Candle Making Workbook (E-Book)

Congratulations, you have decided to start your candle-making journey. Whether you are making candles as a hobby or for a profitable business, candle-making is a true art form. It is an outlet for you to express your unique creativity. Even though it does take time to master this craft, there are fundamentals.

 You are tired of endless research and mixed reviews. This Beginner Candle Making Workbook walks you through the steps from beginning to end. It breaks down every type of wax for container candles and pillar candles. It goes over the different wick types. It even breaks down the different scent categories with examples. Plus much more!

As a bonus just for you, there is a list of the top candle-making suppliers with amazing quality products and fast shipping.


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