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Hand & Feet Treatment Sets ( Chemical Burn Treatment)

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Burning hands and feet treatment extra strength plant based cream knuckles treatment sets for damage hand and feet underarms. Rapid 2 weeks results

Repairing hand and feet from burning

8 days solution

Comes with 8 ounce cream
2 bottles serum
5 ounce oil
3 soaps


Are your hands and feet crying out for relief from burning discomfort? Look no further! Introducing our Hand & Feet Treatment Sets, a powerful solution to alleviate the agony and bring you swift, comforting results.

  • Experience Rapid Relief in Just 2 Weeks

Our extra-strength, plant-based cream is specially formulated to target the burning sensation in your hands and feet. Say goodbye to the discomfort and hello to soothing relief in as little as two weeks. You no longer have to endure the persistent discomfort.

  • Eight Days to Repair and Renew

Our promise is eight days, and that’s all you need to witness a transformation. The Hand & Feet Treatment Sets provide a comprehensive solution that comes with an 8-ounce cream, two bottles of serum, a 5-ounce oil, and three soaps. Each component is meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs and accelerate the healing process.

  • Say Goodbye to Dry, Damaged Skin

Is dry, damaged skin on your knuckles and underarms a persistent concern? Our treatment sets are here to rescue you from this ordeal. The cream, serum, oil, and soaps work together harmoniously, addressing not only the burning but also repairing the damaged areas, ensuring your skin is smooth, hydrated, and healthier than ever.

  • Revive Your Hands and Feet with Confidence

Our Hand and feet Treatment Sets are your key to regain the confidence you deserve. Don’t let the discomfort hold you back any longer. It’s time to experience the joy of pain-free hands and feet.

Say farewell to discomfort and hello to renewed vitality. Order your Hand and feet Treatment Sets today and reclaim your comfort!

Hand & Feet Treatment Sets

Hand & Feet Treatment Sets

Hand & Feet Treatment Sets

Hand & Feet Treatment Sets

Hand & Feet Treatment Sets

1 review for Hand & Feet Treatment Sets ( Chemical Burn Treatment)

  1. asce bithia.montalvo

    My knuckles,elbows and knees are now even and glowing. i bought two sets so i dont ran out of product
    im loving Bloommiracle

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