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Unicorn Exfoliating Body Scrubs

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The main ingredient in this colorful fruity scrub beside sugar is sweet almond oil. It’s a light hydrating oil perfect for hydrating/ moisturizing skin. Sweet almond oil protects skin from UV rays, helps skin retain moisture, heal chapped and irritated skin, and appear smooth.
Use this scrub on your arms and legs to naturally exfoliate your skin. It smells exactly like fruit loops and leaves your skin with a hint of fruit loops smell. Made with pure cane sugar and coconut oil and this scrub is your daily shower goto.
The rainbow is a layer with every color staked neatly on top of one another. As you scrub this on your skin the sugars release a nourishing and hydrating oily feeling to your skin if you like the hydrating you might not even wanna use lotion after!


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