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Pink Lips Lightening Balm (Wholesale)

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Pink lips balm
1 KG 37 Oz

Fast Action Lips Lightening Balm, Pink Lips Balm, Safe Lips lightening Balm

2 balms 10 g each
1 Lip scrub 2 oz

Soft, luscious lips are what everybody wants. Our pink lips cream is all you need to get softer, smoother, and bright pink lips. Soft and pink lips are an appealing feature of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good looks ! not only does it improve your appearance, but also it is a sign that your lips are healthy. Dark pigmented lips are a concern to many, but this balm will lighten your lips in no time , make them soft and pink. It’s an herbal balm. That is made from natural ingredients like zinc , licorice ….that improves the brightness of the lips.

By the 3rd day of using this balm , dull coloured lips fades and after 7 days the lips starts to become pink. It is very suitable for both smokers and non – smokers

Key features

Turns dark lips to permanent bright pink lips , soft and smooth.

No side effects.

Visible results within 7 days .

For external use only

Ingredulients: arbutin, licorice, zinc….


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