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Glutathione, Collagen and Aha of Mix fruit. Fast Action

– Clear skin and reduce acne scars.
– White creamy texture, easily absorbed into the skin.
– Moisturizes

How to use : Apply Every Morning and night

Super whitening set eliminates the layer of dust and dead skin cells very actively due to which the skin looks fresh, fair and healthy. it is useful for both males and females of all ages. This cream is especially formulated with natural ingredients to extra nourish the skin and keep it protected from all types of internal and external damages. drastically reduces melanin concentration in the skin. Melanin causes dark and dull look of the skin. hence, with the use of this cream users start to notice changes in skin complexion within a few days. It is the cream of modern times hence, It works quickly, effectively and also improves skin condition permanently.

16 Oz body lotion
8 Oz face cream


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